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Saturday, September 9th, 2017

1:00 PM

Bolton Hall Museum


Everyone is Welcome 

 Free Admission

Suggested donation: $3 per person


Parking available uphill at the Elks Lodge


Light refreshments after the program

Our 2nd Saturday Programs will resume in September.

We do not have 2nd Saturday Programs in July or August

(it’s too hot and many people are on vacation).

Text Box: Tuskegee Airmen 
Red Tail Pilot 
Lt. Col. Robert Friend

Meet Lt. Col. Friend and hear his stories. 

Born in South Carolina in 1920, Bob Friend earned his private pilot’s license in 1939.  At that time, the US Army was not accepting applications for military flight training for  non-whites.  At the insistence of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and others, a program was established at Tuskegee, Alabama to determine if non-whites could learn to fly the then considered complex tactical aircraft of the US Army.  Bob Friend applied in October 1942 and was accepted as an air cadet in the program. During WWII, he served with the 332nd Fighter Group flying numerous missions.  Lt. Col. Friend continued to serve in the US Air Force until his retirement in 1972 — but he is definitely not idle in his retirement.  His accomplishments are too extensive to mention here.   Lt. Col. Friend is 1 of 17 surviving Red Tail Pilots.

Lt. Col. Friend will be happy to take questions from the audience but we sure would appreciate it if you would send your questions to us in advance, via e-mail to