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Bolton Hall is a small local museum.  All of the day to day operations of the museum, LLHS administration and fundraising are conducted by volunteers.  Every person  who has been involved in the institution both past and present have dedicated their efforts to preserving information about the history of the area and making that information available to anyone who wanted to learn.  


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One day after a classroom tour of the museum, a second grade girl raised her hand and asked, “Why do you keep all this stuff?”  Why, indeed. 

John Steinbeck in “Grapes of Wrath” said….”how will we know it’s us without our past?”

We all share in the history of the land on which we stand.  To know how our society came about and to enjoy the folklore that forms our identity we can have a clearer idea of where we fit into this small world and how this world fits into the greater world.  It is fun to know the past, to enjoy the present, and anticipate the future; we can be a part of it all.

                                                                             Excerpt from an article written by Marlene Hitt

Laying the  cornerstone of Bolton Hall, April 1913

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Tujunga, California circa 1920.  Photo by Lamson

Bolton Hall is circled.

The  business district of Tujunga, California  circa 1925


The Little Landers Historical Society (LLHS), is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that was founded in 1959 to preserve Bolton Hall.  Our mission is to preserve and maintain Bolton Hall Museum and to collect, preserve and display artifacts, records and landmarks of the history generally of the Rancho Tujunga area including but not restricted to Sunland, Tujunga, Lake View Terrace and Shadow Hills, and of the persons active in that history; and to work in cooperation with City, State, and National agencies and officials to designate and preserve historic buildings and sites.